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About us

Taking predictive machine learning one step further


Machine learning is hard

Computers are great at simple number manipulation if instructed by a human. However, when it comes to learning on their own, to understanding complex relationships or reason about the future they often fall short.

A consequence of this is that many organizations today avoid advanced machine learning algorithms and instead rely on simple models such as linear regression. Of course this is not ideal, as this often to fail to spot non-trivial relationships.

But it doesn't have to be that way

Despite being complex models, there's no reason why machine learning algorithms cannot be abstracted into simple to use libraries and open APIs. There have been several attempts to do this through various open-source projects, but there's still a long way to go before machine learning becomes usable for most applications.

We focus on temporal patterns

NXT AI will concentrate on time-dependent patterns, such as language modeling, which is useful for prediction.


We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in


Most of our projects have C++/Java implementations with an option to run on GPUs


We seek to open-source most of our projects. Happy coding!


Built with modern technologies the projects can easily be ported to the cloud

Easy Customization

Open APIs and simple integration with your custom data format

An open prediction framework

Our Work

Latest cool projects we've been working on

Hessian-free optimization of RNNs

A C++ implementation of Hessian-free optimization of recurrent neural networks for statistical language modeling.
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Language modeling toolkit

A small toolkit useful for preparing large language modeling data sets for experiments.
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Machine learning is
too complicated to use
for most organizations.
This needs changing.
Jeppe Hallgren, founder

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